Turpentine, Will It Kill Or Cure Me, Lets Find Out

That’s what your immune system does. Basically it keeps you from getting to the next crisis. It has to be the tree. So he switched, yeah. One thing this pharmacist is absolutely correct about is that there is lot of snake oil remedies sold in the world of alternative medicine. If used undiluted, the kerosene may start burning after 10 to 60 minutes depending on the sensitivity of the skin and the kerosene's boiling range and purity.

On a German forum I read about a case of intestinal Candida overgrowth that had been verified by microbial stool analysis. Bone strengthener. To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected]cbi. A dose of 15 ml was fatal in a 2-year-old child; however, benzene was present in the mixture. And that’s why you get a yeast overgrowth. Use olive oil or something else. 18 So, after risking my life, doing all of his research, I then went back to my mother and asked, “Now Mom, what about turpentine and sugar? So I went down the block to the hardware store and bought a can of turpentine.

You may also notice that your saliva is thinner, not thick with mucus.

Let us know when that comes out and we’ll help you promote that through our site. Problems occur when yeast starts to overgrow in the gut that can ultimately lead to a variety of symptoms such as bloating, wind and constipation and/or diarrhoea, skin rashes, constant exhaustion, persistent coughing, chronic sore throat and earache. Candida infection of the skin: medlineplus medical encyclopedia, it depends on the area affected, the severity of the infection and whether it is a first-time or recurrent infection. Eat all you want. I wonder what aged turpentine is. And I sat there and waited to drop dead or something close. ” I also checked her blood pressure at that time and she was able to cut back her blood pressure medications, her breathing had also improved, and it took about two years and some dietary changes and she was ultimately able to stop taking all of her medication.

  • So that’s one thing it does.
  • These free educational materials, references, and sources we provide are a service to you for beginning that research.
  • Turpentine and its related products have a long history of medicinal use primarily as topical counterirritants for the treatment of rheumatic disorders and muscle pain.

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But I’m just saying it’s like why would you put skull and crossbones on…. Always skip a day between doses. The NMCD goes on to explain that turpentine is a central nervous system depressant, a pulmonary aspiration hazard, a skin irritant, and might cause abortions. It’s possible to be allergic to absolutely anything. A suitable variety of kerosene available in Australia is Diggers Low Odour Kerosene [9], more commonly sold in hardware stores than in supermarkets.

Herbs for all the symptoms of candida including probiotics for the immune system. It is a pharmaceutical company. She says you must avoid steroids, antibiotics, and chemotherapy, because they prevent cell repair and yeast will move in to eat up the dead cells. So at 7 cubes, I took all the cubes and then I felt this little twitch.

  • Up your water intake, and be sure to take proper rest.
  • Is turpentine effective in expelling liver parasites and if yes, do we need different doses, scheduling, or different protocol other than the candida?
  • One drop in a glass of water every hour, I can’t say, I just don’t recommend it because it’s just not practical for most people.
  • So you can drink things that are sweet, but they’ve got to be really live foods.
  • So it might be that these medical difficulties are simply a function of this lost knowledge that has not been applied.
  • If you want to use turps do so at your own risk.
  • Grab 4 bulbs of garlic and 4 lemons.


Really can't believe it tbh! Warming circulatory stimulants to promote defensive immune action in relation to acute and chronic infections: I have been using the cure for three weeks, and it is the best cleanse I have ever experienced. I’m guessing, most people get the thyroid checked and it’s normal. You can apply it, I like to apply it at night, and then you have to put a cloth over your pillow, because you’re going to get castor oil all over your pillow. To gently build up, start by giving the child 3 drops of turpentine in a cup of water 3 times a day (upon waking, in the afternoon, and before bed). He started out drinking kerosene for pain relief, but later switched over to petrol.

So sign up for my list and I’ll be sending out notice in a few days, letting people know when they can buy it at a much lower price. The advantage of that is that you are going to kill only a few incidental microbes and you’ll flush out your colon. Minimum effective dose. Same as lunch Water Note: It's just a pine-resin-derived poison!

It does give you an idea that consuming too much turpentine can give you a lot of problems. This document is © copyrighted by Dr. Use no more than 1 part turpentine to 10 parts of coconut oil (or olive oil or mayonnaise.) And she thought that was normal. There is evidence that a main aggravating factor leading to autism is the combination of Candida and various vaccines, possibly due to mercury and other toxic additives. They’re taking so many things, they want to make it efficient by mixing them all. You need help: when a yeast infection is cramping your sex style. One likely cause that is common with those using turpentine for the first time is what is known as a herx reaction.

The Published Evidence She Relies On

When we are talking about Gum Turpentine we are referring to natures answer to fungus invasion. This is what I was looking for: You DO NOT have the right to reprint or resell this report. Candida only becomes this severe if you ignore initial symptoms and if your immune system is extremely low. Turpentine will eliminate good and bad bacteria, good and bad parasites, good and bad everything. This deactivates important enzymes and causes DNA changes in the white blood cells, which suppresses the immune system.


If you’re wealthy enough, fine, buy the raw ingredients, have your chef cook it at home, and do not give them a complex ingredient like barbecue sauce. It was closer to 30 seconds but we’ll call it a minute. I then opened my turpentine can, pored it into a teaspoon, and dripped the turpentine, onto the sugar cube. And now her rash is almost gone, whereas before it was all over her neck and back. And of course, just like ANYTHING else in this world (even water!) The one time she threw such a fit, the atmosphere was so sick, we don’t care if it does kill her, we’re going to give it to her. It may not be a suitable remedy for everyone, and if you do decide to try turpentine, do your own research and start with a low dose (a few drops dissolved in sugar or castor oil) and see how you feel.

How much is too much?

She also got her MBA in Health Care Administration from Wharton which was the number 1 ranked MBA program in the world in 2020 by Business Insider. She received her BA with honors as a graduate of Harvard University and continued her education at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Medical Degree (MD). Would it be not best to use the powerful tools of nature to our advantage? Chew then chase with water to get the turpentine in your stomach as soon as possible. And between 3 sugar cubes and 7, there really wasn’t any difference. When taking a teaspoon of it on a cube of sugar, I was surprised how pleasant it tasted, just like a pine-flavoured lolly. Now the other thing that might be of interest at this point is a little more about the history of turpentine. But if you use the turpentine first, what the turpentine does is it gets you to clean out a bunch of stuff ahead of your juice fast, so now your juice fast is not as traumatic.

My grandma, of Blessed memory, used Folk Medicine. For those who would appreciate the shortened version of all of the above, here it is: The MSDS for normal kerosene of another company states:

What Does It Do?

This may actually be the secret of the healing success of kerosene: Thus the sugar is the bait that causes the Candida to let down its defenses. It just doesn’t work. Here I share some of what I am learning as I go. As luck would have it, I purchased a brand that was "100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine". And then they look and say, everything’s got canola oil in it. This applies to children and adults.

Do not use gum turpentine while taking any pharmaceutical drugs.

On page 90 it describes how to make and take the Confection of Turpentine. Initially pine trees are mashed into a pulp using huge apparatus. And that’s why you need the brisk flow in the intestines. We’re lowering the price on it. It’s just like you lose control over a very small muscle for a temporary period of time.

  • It is expressed in the amount of the product per unit of body weight.
  • Recently I ordered a 4 oz bottle of Diamond G Forest Products pure gum spirits from Azon.
  • She’s 61, hysterectomy at 35, hormone replacement therapy for 24 years, breast cancer, 98% estrogen positive, removed at age 59, did radiation, refused tamoxifen, took out her gall bladder.
  • Now I’ll have to say, I have not talked to turpentine makers, I have not consulted with them, and they will tell you, just like their can does, I’m sure, that turpentine in the United States is definitely not a product for internal use.
  • Is it possible that those, like the good aforementioned pharmacist and the big-pharma machine, are the pot calling the kettle black here?
  • So for emergencies, that’s what you would use.

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The most neglected portion is the small intestines. And finally I said wait a minute, here I am an African-American individual, with a medical practice in an African-American neighborhood, with African-American patients. I would recommend anyone wishing to begin a treatment to do extensive research into this. Back in the day mercury was used to treat syphillis and other STIs, lead was used for cosmetics, and entrails were pulled from pigeons to tell the future. I don’t even want to see you unless you are an expert in yeast. It rates turpentine as “possibly safe” when used topically and appropriately, “possibly unsafe” when applied to large areas of skin, and “likely unsafe” when used orally for medicinal purposes; 2 ml/kg is toxic, and 120-180 ml is potentially lethal in adults.

In fact, this lady, I saw her back and her blood pressure was 120 systolic. Cheapest and fastest way to cure your many health issues. Most say take it with 4tsp honey and whizz it up. Today the medicinal use of turpentine and kerosene is predominant in Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Incredible, affordable natural product by company in business since 1924. That helps balance hormones? Of course I’m doing a lot of other different things, I’m on this sulfur, which is amazing. Maybe turpentine in the morning, sulfur in the afternoon, or vice versa.

The fungal cells could attack the cancerous cells to start breaking them down with its wide variety of enzymes. I'll finish the treatment course I'm on (for science!) You know this is going around, people, all the scammers. Do you really take some of that? Say you have a child who has a high fever, they’re in bed, they’re not moving, you don’t think they’re really gonna make it, this is what you would do, and boom, less than 24 hours, you turn around, up and playing. What the French people have found in their paper was that the oxidized turpentine had a different effect on its action from the nonoxidized turpentine. Ingestion of turpentine usually results in gastrointestinal (GI) tract irritation and central nervous system (CNS) depression within two to three hours.

Pro using Turpentine/ Kerosene to cure Candida

Acts against osteoclasts which break down bones. It’s a known stimulant of both the prostate gland and uterus and also aids in the mitigation of adrenal fatigue and the balance of hormone production. You have to check.

And he’s doing DNA testing, he’s trying to figure out what they are. And that’s going to accelerate your healing. It absolutely can. Turpentine is purported to improve eyesight as well, with some users tossing their reading glasses. I tried different remedies, noticed how my body would respond, and made adjustments based on how I felt. Anti-convulsive. The ones I’m aware of, and where I’ve used it, I use it for pneumonias, like if a person comes in the office and they have a severe pneumonia, and I’m either going to admit them today or they’re going to be dead tomorrow, then that person gets turpentine drops on top of the water.

This is a lot. How many times do I have to take Turpentine? Review adverse reactions and toxicology: This has been a ten-year journey. How do I talk her into going with this treatment for my son and possibly for herself? It is not useful for killing microbes but, like odourless kerosene, it may be used during a cleansing period to bind fat-soluble toxins released from the liver. And it talks about destruction of the kidneys and destruction of the lungs.


Just bought turpentine at my hardware and paint store cost $9. Additional considerations may also include addressing bowel flow, blood sugar imbalances, hydrochloric acid levels, etc. Also called fir leaf oil or oleum folii pini sylvestris, pine oil should not be confused with pine nut oil. She wrote that it caused extreme diarrhoea and vomiting for three days.

So I always say, go for it and let me know how it turns out. Number 2, the fact you’ve been battling candida for two years and all the stuff that’s coming out, it might be that your battle plan needs to be revised. So the bottom dose, it only enters the bottom cube, or got no more than halfway though the bottom cube, that gave me a finite limitation to the dose. Fungal infections, , environmental allergy, adverse food reaction, flea bite hypersensitivity); endocrinopathies, especially hypothyroidism; and other seborrheic conditions. And have the 4th of 4 standing by - turmeric powder. But I don’t recommend every single day indefinitely. It would be the same. It's all over in a few hours.

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A well-balanced diet with fresh and healthy products: White sugar is dead food. So that’s what I was looking for. And again, same thing. One may try a spoonful daily for several weeks, but cut back if this causes diarrhoea.

You can just mix up the preparation and dip your fingers in and smear it around. If you get one of these rope worm type formations, it means the body hasn’t cleansed in a long time, and it’s collecting to do one big cleanse, which is this slime of growth that’s filled with microorganisms and some, of course, macroorganisms. The main chemical in turpentine, alpha-pinene, is also present in the oils of rosemary and eucalyptus.

Are The Fruitful Wonders Of Turpentine Really What They Are Cut Out To Be?

This rope worm pictures I’m seeing on the internet. For gut parasites, start at a low dose and gradually work up to one teaspoon per day. It doesn’t even care for the turpentine. I've been using it for months. All the bills were paid, kids were looked after, the thing on top of the fridge, okay, I’m ready. So I searched through all of my herbal books, and by that time I had over 300 books. Herbs include the following:

The lighter and more volatile hydrocarbons, while very effective for cleaning the blood, have a stronger odour and are more difficult to "stomach", while those boiling over 200°C tend to remain in the intestinal tract and act mainly as laxatives rather than being absorbed for a microbicidal effect in the blood. Sniff it into the nose. I will order that one if the above type is wrong. As we covered in our last post, this means eliminating sugar, meat, dairy, and most carbohydrates. —These volatile essential oils seem to have a stronger antifungal effect than kerosene, but frequent intake in high amounts can also cause some kidney damage. Daniels very enlightening and worthwhile. Without any further testing, she immediately moves on to treating other people with turpentine. Yeast infection vs. bacterial vaginosis, yeast can also overgrow and cause infections in women with suppressed immune function. I now take 50 drops at a time, with a limit of 100/day, or 1 teaspoon.

The public prosecutor was unable to show that a law had been violated or that anyone had been harmed using kerosene in the recommended ways. Too much sugar and too little sugar can weaken the immune system. And so they gave her the turpentine and guess what, clicking a switch, boom, she was back to her normal pleasant, happy self. Unfortunately, it can be life-threatening. What, it’s Whole Foods! Turpentine, Review of Toxicological Literature, by Karen E. This protocol is followed daily if the infection is chronic, and repeated twice weekly thereafter.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Once there is a cleansing of all the old material that the body could not previously get rid of, the tissues begin to regenerate. Stress treatment. Do you have a lot of issues in a tropical area with bugs? Can continue to take my sulfur with the turpentine? Daniels have any suggestions? Then a portion of this is refined further.

So I would say, drop your battle plan and try the approach in the Candida Cleaner document. What it does to our innocent friendly cells is DEVILISH! Crook, MD, in The Yeast Connection [8] and other books, demonstrated that Candida is the underlying cause of hyperactivity. DI Rich Osgerby of Humberside Police, the investigation force in this case, said: Also, it is curious that one could be labeled as fit for human consumption yet the other is all but banned. Many people find that once they do steps 1 to 4 above, they can take 1 or 2 doses with relief. The pharmacist asserts that you could feel better after taking turpentine possibly, but that would have nothing to do with the turpentine. In my quest for recovery I went to multiple western doctors, hospitals, naturopaths, and alternative healers to no avail.

Contra using Turpentine when you have Candida

It can be done. Yeast infections, change out of wet attire—such as swimsuits and gym clothes—as soon as possible. Today, the Wikipedia page on kerosene states clearly and simply: I guess that’s what I’m saying. Here is your miracle in a jar.

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When it’s really the turpentine that stops the aging, not always other nonsense ingredients that you’re touting as the latest whatever. Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable drinking turpentine in the hope it can cure Candida, especially not administered with sugar. The essential oil of turpentine and its major volatile fraction (a- and b-pinenes): So there you have it. ” I said, “Well what kind of sugar? They do come from the same origin, but are altered along the way. So the kind of water you want then, will be purified water, say it’s distilled water, reverse osmosis water, some kind of filtered water. Email from Beth:

I use that all the time. And also, in the French article you sent me, they mention that it had special beneficial properties helping the liver detoxify chemicals that come into the body. And so, will the turpentine help her? If there will be any die off symptoms, you will notice them within 3 hours.

And it took about 4 days. Experts have shown that women who drank two glasses of water before meals ate 90 calories less. And nothing happened. For instance, in diabetes type 1 and Parkinson's disease, a healthy lifestyle is still needed to regenerate insulin-producing or dopamine-producing cells that have been destroyed; the same goes for joints that have been badly damaged with arthritis. So then I waited a week, let’s say 2 weeks, and then I took the 3 sugar cubes again. That would be a sign that you’re doing too much. You must be logged in to this post! Parasitic infections are implicated in cancer and other disease states.

Bacteria Infections

Quite interesting that he figured that out years ago. Nevertheless, if a low-aromatics or de-aromatised product is not available, then even normal kerosene with a higher content of aromatics may be used. ” At first I didn’t get much information but I kept asking and finally some patients just started laughing and laughing and laughing. The diatomaceous earth and the bentonite, it constipates you, the psyllium is going to give you more bowel movements. Sausage products:

Please share your experiences below. Just, you have to use olive oil. Frequently asked questions and their answers. Last year I went without heat to see if my body would acclimate. Apart from taking ThrushLess Candida Tonic it would be highly beneficial to use MouthShield mouth wash daily to help clear and shield the mouth for this virulent fungus. SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Memory Card - https:

Without the bacteria present, and the massive shifts within this ecosystem, fungal candida will flourish and subsequently play a role in determining which bacteria re-establish themselves and to what degree that is possible.

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Try alternating with other fungicides on rest days and when you have cured yourself stop taking all together. With over 65,000 studies on PubMed alone, there’s plenty to go by. • A dog had a growth the size of a child's fist on his neck and was given kerosene on sugar cubes. Stop the turpentine and increase your efforts at steps 1 to 4 outlined above.

Do you have an opinion on those fibers? And I’d even soak in the tub for 30 minutes in very hot water, just to try to get warm enough to get to sleep at night. Yeast infection, there are many lifestyle changes you can make to both prevent and treat a candidiasis infection. The major causes of candida overgrowth are antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills, oestrogen replacement therapy, poor diet, chemotherapy, radiation, heavy metals, alcohol overuse, recreational drugs, and stress. Again, 100% Gum Spirits of Turpentine is simply an extract of pine, spruce, or fir trees with no additives or stabilizers. I don’t know how many gallons of sap you’d have to collect.

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I could call and ask them. 25 Once you do steps 1 through 4, in preparation for taking turpentine, the Candida will be fewer in number and strength. I started recommending it to patients who had been suffering from longstanding incurable diseases for which there was no effective medical therapy and people who had not gotten complete healing with diet, cleansing and vitamins. So that was my vehicle for that. Oh, it doesn’t move the bowels. All reproductive and metabolic activity ceases as the Candida seeks to save itself and exit what it percieves as a very dangerous situation. The doctor or emergency center can only monitor or treat the symptoms.

The world works on love. Tinnitus is resolved by taking turpentine internally. There’s just no food. I became quite bold and the third day I did three sugar cubes.

You leave, you stay, you leave, you stay, I don’t know about you. She took kerosene for 32, 25 and 14 days, with nine days of rest between each. Turpentine has been used experimentally in a bath for the treatment of disseminated sclerosis and sexual dysfunction. Cross-linking also accelerates ageing, causing cataracts and increasing rigidity of muscles, tendons and connective tissue, showing up as wrinkles and ageing skin.

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If we extend this to my body weight, 120 lb or 54 kg. This parasite feeds on sugar and carbs, and just like Miracle-Gro fertilizer, the more it is fed, the faster it grows! Yes, it adsorbs all of them, because the clay, first of all you have individual pieces or molecules of clay. I would submit that if there are multiple reasons not to take turpentine the biggest one from their point of view would be the fear that people would be less dependent on the the drug companies and conventional medicine due to the 100’s of billions made worldwide having their drugs patented and sold for exorbitant bucks. You may find that the Diamond G Forest stuff is more to your liking. Follow our recommended Candida Diet. During the last century, it became an important starting material for the commercial synthesis of many widely used compounds, including camphor and menthol. It’s wonderful stuff.