Candida Killer: Natural Protocol for Effective Detox & Restored Health

I mean this protocol killsdisease like "killin' snakes" as we say here. Well did you do this? And of course she does still take her turpentine, and every now and then she’ll have a little question about turpentine and she will call me. The reason I bring this to attention is because of a comment that i found here where a women tells of her grandmother giving her 3 drops of turpentine with water to relieve a kidney infection. The immune system says, why don’t we store you over here in the left hip, and store you in the right hip, and you get to get stored in the lower back area, and before you know it, you’re hurting all over.

Optional extras: What’s your research show, your theory or whatever, whatever word you’d like, what do you think it’s doing? According to Walter Last these spirits have also been used in ancient Babylon to help people with stomach problems, inflammation and ulcers (source: )And around the same time, she had become unable to take her anti-fungals because of side effects. And then I was saying, what about some vegetables, eat some more vegetables. A dose of 15 ml was fatal in a 2-year-old child; however, benzene was present in the mixture. Burning pain in mouth & throat, abdominal pain.

Oh my God, I thought I was going to die! Some people report feeling better just by changing their diet. And turpentine? In fact African-Americans in the United States would give their kids turpentine anyone from once a day to once a week. ” They said, “I don’t know. Boy castor oil works, doesn’t it? Stir 30 ml (2 tablespoons) into a warm bath and enjoy a 20-minute soak.

Sinus congestion and infection. First you have to hydrate. If you get one of these rope worm type formations, it means the body hasn’t cleansed in a long time, and it’s collecting to do one big cleanse, which is this slime of growth that’s filled with microorganisms and some, of course, macroorganisms. Somebody’s writing in, saying I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Don't ask and don't do it. Let us know when that comes out and we’ll help you promote that through our site.

  • We are still discovering a lot about this microbial ecosystem and how it affects the human body, but more and more research points to an ongoing re-arrangement and modification of the exact ratios present.
  • Daniels contact page a question is asked, “I have come across some information by another practitioner that autism is actually cause by pathogens, mainly parasites, candida, bacteria and viruses, that are distributed of course, through vaccinations.
  • Bought a can of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine, and on the back of course, it had the skull and crossbones, birth defects in the state of California, can cause cancer, call your doctor immediately if you swallow.
  • 1/4 teaspoon turpentine is added to a spoonful of sugar (or honey) and taken once.
  • Just make sure that whatever brand you purchase is 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine for the purposes of internal use.
  • 40LB and 240LB, the MAXIMUM dose is 1 teaspoon a day.

My Own Two Cents…

I've bought Mylands pure pine turps. That’s why I look so young. Always skip a day between doses. I ordered my first batches from SunFruit Dan and had these amazing health benefits from his guaranteed pure Turpentine. If done correctly, it is a sustainable practice that does not harm the tree.

Oil actually surrounds the turpentine and makes it less powerful, with the coconut oil for example. So if it weakens an organism but your immune system says hey, wait, excuse me you’ve weakened the wrong organism, we don’t want that one out of here, then your immune system can just let that one stay and take away the one it wants to take away. And it just comes from the pine tree. She graduated from Harvard and successfully completed medical school. It says, “Turpentine has been used experimentally in a bath for the treatment of disseminated sclerosis and sexual dysfunction.

So, what I would recommend, if you want to take all 3 of those, is I recommend you take the diatomaceous earth and the clay together, and take the psyllium separately. Turpentine is a tried and true folk remedy for parasites. Now when I take it my teeth turn a black tinge and my tongue turns the same in the middle. Do NOT do this if you have known kidney problems. So I started asking them and at the end of the blood pressure visit, I said by the way, was there some kind of miracle cure, maybe your parents or grandparents used, that cured everything and was very cheap? Turpentine's density is 0.

The Healing Power Of Turpentine

That is how ignorant I was. So she tried it for herself. The secret to reducing candida is by starving it out of the gut.

—These volatile essential oils seem to have a stronger antifungal effect than kerosene, but frequent intake in high amounts can also cause some kidney damage. So if you work on diet issues, work on having her listen to my radio shows, that would be the way to proceed. And the reason you have to change your diet, that’s so important, is because these organisms will not go willingly if you’ve laid a table of feast for them at your table, which would be your intestines or your body. Repeat until all 3 cubes are taken.

She had a bad car accident, it broke many of her face bones, and she had a chronic sinus issue, she also, in the same car accident, broke her knee, so that hurt, the sinus thing transmuted into very bad headaches, so she was able to function abut 3 hours out of the day. While it is not clear what prompted the investigation, it is clear that a message was sent to other doctors in the area: I bought a 32 oz can of this at Home Depot for $6. No need to chew. However, the 1999 Merck Manual just mentions the dire effects of turpentine poisoning with destruction of the kidneys and lungs [6]. There are lots and lots of bugs. Swab the back of the throat with turpentine. Progressive bifocals are a pain!

Turpentine may be taken in the morning but most people complain about burping the taste of turpentine thoughtout the day.

Dr, Jennifer Daniels

Take 3 Sugar Cubes. Go with the science, not someone’s personal interpretation of what’s taking place. Eventually it lead me to an article by Dr Jennifer Daniels. The MSDS for blue kerosene gives the same toxicity data as for clear kerosene. Lungs (as well as nose and sinuses). And all of a sudden, like a circular switch, she became this sour, difficult, obstructive, no fun kind of person, interfering with everyone else’s good time.

A perfectly healthy person has 500 trillion microorganisms. It was mentioned that farmers in the United States gave something to their families twice a year. The pain most likely happened because the body was trying to rid the painful area of toxicity, but since the intestines were congested, there was no elimination route, causing the pain to return. However, it was banned by our friends (sarcasm added) at the FDA for lack of effectiveness. It doesn’t seem to work as well, and people tend to get cleansing reactions. Mercury was used as a cure for syphilis.

What is the pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine

While in medical school, she was concerned that patients were not improving with the therapies she was being taught. Because if you don’t have brisk flow in the intestines, then the immune system will not weigh in with an opinion on the matter. The people at Diamond Forest are WONDERFUL people as well. Next thing is to make sure she’s pooping regularly. I also received a Bachelors degree from Harvard University, as well as a Masters in Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business. Turpentine in any of its forms is neither of these.

If ingested, turpentine is highly toxic and fatal poisonings have been reported in children who have ingested small quantities of turpentine.

Use Turpentine medicinally to treat:

We have covered this extensively. So, you have to eat plain food. A dose of 120 to 180 ml may be fatal if no treatment is obtained.

The recommended water is distilled, the amount is 1 quart per 60 pounds of body weight and drink the daily amount before 6pm and after noon. I had miracle cure books, and still nothing, no mention. In her report, Dr Daniels also wrote that the first edition of The Merck Manual of appropriate and accepted treatments for recognized diseases, published in 1899, states that turpentine therapy is effective for a wide range of conditions including gonorrhea, meningitis, arthritis, abdominal difficulties and lung disease. That’ll keep you going baby. The tiny yeasts of astronomical number supporting and sustaining the health of the human organism, when the environment changes due to shifts in the structure and atmosphere of the tissues and nutritional supplies, don’t take long to turn into colonies of fungi which can be difficult to kill and eliminate so that health can be restored. I found that turpentine is of excellent assistance to people who are having difficulty sticking with a healthy regimen, people who want to eat less sugar but have a terrible sugar craving, people who want to eat less meat but crave meat. I knew this was the secret. I have observed people taking it alongside all manner of medicines, but you certainly don’t want to take blood pressure medicine when your blood pressure is fallen down to normal.

His wife did take turpentine for her condition and received relief but after about three doses she felt that turpentine was just not something she really wanted to take. It’s like a teenager in love, so to speak. And that is collected, that liquid sap is collected.

The Military Ray Gun is 5G ...

So if you stay below 1 ounce, which is 6 teaspoons, stay below 1 ounce, you’re in what we call a pretty safe area. The whole protocol is blunt. The definition of "organic" keeps changing. Before going to sleep and after waking up are the best times. And so it’s kind of subtle for a scar that can’t go, as close as it can get, and then what you’re gonna have is you’re gonna have your misery changing form, or changing location, as opposed to getting rid of it. Anyone with half a brain knows not to ingest a solvent. Quite interesting that he figured that out years ago. That’s powerful.


” They said, “My grandmother. The contact allergenic activity of turpentine is believed to be caused primarily by the pinenes, 3-carene, and dipentene. You can’t take those cubes. He expressed the view that with cancer one should use everything that might be useful, and that clinical trials should be conducted. And they were all mean and nasty and disagreeable and everybody hated everybody. The day after, found a high volume of rope worms in my stool. But, not all paint thinner is turpentine. Because I saw in that paper,a big long, involved, very technical paper I sent you, been reading, that they have the dosage for mice.

I said yes, Canada is a great country. This approach seems to be effective against diseases outside the intestines. Now we do know the deadly dose of turpentine, by the way, in case anybody wants to hear that. Email from Raoul.

A small fruit meal to make sure you've gotten enough carbohydrates. This in turn can turn on and turn off the symptoms that we may experience at any moment. The easiest way to do this is to put a few drops of turpentine on a sugar cube. Simply click here to join.