All Art On Line - Artwork of Sergio Milani : baby jouet 2017-41

All Art On Line - Artwork of Sergio Milani : baby jouet 2017-41
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"baby jouet 2017-41" - Sergio Milani
watercolor and buffer with leaf d'oro - 5 Inches x 5 Inches
Artist Sergio Milani - Baby Jouet 2017-41, designed, built and painted in Italy - dimensions size in 5,7 x 5,5 x 2,5 - Weight lb 0,30;The ** Baby Jouet ** horse is made of wood with manual machining and mounted on precious wood wheels, the decorative theme is "Toys Compositions", there are two different compositions, on one side with baby toys, on the side opposite baby toys, The decoration is made with watercolor and swab with 22k gold leaf finishes;The work is endowed with a certificate of authenticity with photos, catalog number, unique artwork and signature of the artist.;Artista Sergio Milani- Baby Jouet 2017-41, ideato,costruito e dipinto in Italy - dimensionicm 14,5 x 14 x 6,5 peso Kg 0,140;Il cavallo della linea **Baby Jouet **è costruito in legno con lavorazione manuale e montato su ruote in legno pregiato, il tema decorativo è " Composizioni di giocattoli", sono presenti due composizioni diverse, da un lato con giocattoli bambino, dal lato opposto giocattoli bambina, La decorazione è realizzata con tecnica ad acquerello e tampone con finiture in foglia d'oro 22Kt;L'opera è munita di certificato di autenticità con foto, numero di catalogo, dichiarazione di opera unica e firma dell'artista.

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In his father's workshop he learned the first notion of wood working practicing and acquiring the various ones techniques of material processing,he graduated in the artistic field becoming a teacher of artistic subjects and collaborating for over thirty years with the most famous italian toy industries, designing and creating prototypes in the field of industrial design for the plastic toy. 
In recent decades, he has turned his attention to what has been always his passion, the idea of making art collectible toys in painted wood, they are small and fascinating wooden horses, modeled and decorated by hand as in the past.
Play-educational art toy
Understanding the validity and originality of the idea: ( wooden art toys painted with the subject "the horse").  My "whim" collection is certainly a novelty in the artstic field, it is alwais in continuous evolution for how theree-dimensional hoses are designed, for the always different support in precious wood, the unusual executive technique in watercolor and pad on board, for the countless variety of decorative themes, for describing on each work two scenes on the same theme, one on each side, for the use of gold leaf that makes the chromatic effect even brighter, all refined features that make a small artwork.
The collection is developed in numerous lines to which a name is attributed, is studied its own anatomical shape of the horse, establishing also the type of support, fixed base, on roking or on wheels, a decorative theme is chosen as a common thread making different interpretations, thus creating all unique pieces, when finished, each work is numbered according to the year of production and progressive number, initialed with  the artist's initials, sealed with lacquer wax logo, accompanied by a production certificate with photo and statement that the decoration is unique and will never be repeated.
I am proud to have inserted myself in a new artistic vein where a simple wooden toy, enhanced by precious wood and made with care and craftsmanship of high artistic craftsmanship, is then elevated to artistic work by a refined graph-chromatic exspression with leaf finishes gold 22Kt.
I also want to make it clear that my works are dedicated to the collector, to beautify, to make the corner of a room important, lively and bright, but also to educate and gradually bring the child closer to art from an early age, for him it  is more understandable a picture or a sculpture turned into a real toy, an object understood because in its dimensions, to be understood not purely for dynamic use but rather edcational, to make it clear that it is important to surround yourself with objects that are projected by their nature over time, that their presence makers serenity, joy and pride of being in possession of it.

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