All Art On Line - Art gallery - Fine art from Gianantonio Marino Zago : NY NY

All Art On Line - Art gallery - Fine art from Gianantonio Marino Zago : NY NY
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"NY NY" - Gianantonio Marino Zago
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Fermata delle carrozze.

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[Announcement - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 1Ko - 2018]

 VERONA ,photo by G.M.Zago.
Verona,the city of the love.
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 2Ko - 2018]

 From ZAGO and YOUR Friends 4 dicembre 2011 ·
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko - 2018]

 My digital works.
Attempt to recover as many as possible my digital works.
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 2Ko - 2018]

 Some Works year 2017
Polimateryal and collage on my works
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 2Ko - 2018]

"The rebirth of matter" Miramare di Rimini (Italy) September 2008-Art Studio Gallery
Zago is one versatile artist  ,but today, his attention is 
directed to Informal Art, with very powerful material, dripping colour which dominates the surface, cohexisting with still objects worn out by 
time, assemblage and ready-made post-duchampian; it s almost a rendition of the Dada fairy tale omnipresent in our history. Art as provocation 
Provoking has become a dominating element in any kind of language, very welcome if it serves the purpose of stirring consciences, but 
useless if it doesnt communicate anything. And the “Monnezza”, as Zago calls it, doesnt lay only on the corners of the streets but also in our 
conscience minds, passively observing our fates with no will for intervening and change them. Zago is not only an artist, he is a dreamer who 
believes in a better world, a special person with no hypocrisy, loyal and real as a very few are. Rosa Spinillo(Art critic)
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko]

• Marino Gianantonio in art Zago,was born in Trieste,north of Italy on 30/12/1949 and moved in Verona in 1957 where he still lives. Self taught, with a degree in graphics advertising, begins to paint in the early 70.In 1996 he had one of his interesting exhibitions near Hofstra University in New York with about twenty of his works representing unpublished and interesting parts of Verona. From 1994, he abandoned the figurative and landscape painting for an informal and figurative abstract mosaic style. In love with colours, it dominates on the painting, but never in contrast among them. From 1999 Zago was also ventured with a digital-art, because of his innate and intrinsic imagination and artistic versatility. Currently spend's a lot of time for the creation of polimateric paintings composed by materials he recycle's or picks up from the streets. Cans, plastic pieces, telephone cards, corks and all things the consumer society turns into rubbish. Zago doesn't limit himself to only assemble paintings but enriches them artistically, using spry, acrylic, enamels and oils. All these paintings he made will preserve segments of history of our times to leave to the meditation of the future.  
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 2Ko]

ZAGO ON ZAGO. If you allow me, I would like to spend a few lines to describe my digital work. I want to do this because I have seen many people lingering on my works and I would like to give them a lens to interpret them. In 1999, I started playing around with the computer to create something I could define artistic. I have focused myself so much on graphic softwares that still now I cannot do anything else and often I have to appeal to the help of others even for a simple copy and paste. When I started, I gave myself some rules, which I want to resume briefly. Because of my long artistic heritage, during which I tried to do everything, I had to define my meaning of digital artist. Hence, I turned the mouse into a brush and I often use the function of retouching brush and pixel work well as colour to distribute on the file. For this purpose, I chose very simple graphic programs for everybody, like everybody can decide to get brushes, colours and a canvas if they want to paint. The difference comes then from the mind who creates and not from the means used. That is the reason why I am not attracted to tecniques of collage or traspositions of images or what else technology give us for the creation of special and futuristics effects. To say it all, I am an old fashioned digitalist. 
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko]

PHILOSOPHY- At nine years of age, my father gave me a kaleidoscope. Among all the things which passed through my hands, this was the most precious. I can still see myself, as a child, looking on the backlight at that fantastic world of colours which changed at my command. Since then, nothing could arouse an emotion of the same intensity as that small but infinite universe of colours. Every time I pick up a brush, I strain to get back those feelings which so happily fulfilled my childhood. But the difference, to those small fantastic glasses, is that now I end up dragging on the canvas also the breaches of my present life.
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 2Ko]

VALENTINA BASILE.Contemporary art continuously relies on experimentation. It follows a path that was initiated by the great artists of the 20th century. They were artistic pioneers who finally embraced the use of new and atypical materials in a context that is the natural result of the combination of new artistic taste and developing historical events. Initially, these materials were sand, plastic, cork and iron sheets. Later on, Pop Art introduced the use of waste as artistic material. After getting rid of its initial provocative side, this new idea inspired the higher concept of recycling. As a matter of fact, in addition to being an emotional and psychological experience involving all senses; art has indeed always been influenced by current issues. 
Artists portray the joy and sorrow of society, its golden age, its highs and lows, through the use of a brush, of a chisel and other tools. As a result, contemporary art is confronted with issues that are the result of an increasingly technological and artificial world, where pollution is at the forefront of such problems. Therefore, art appears in the form of the increasingly common practice of recycling, according to Gabriel García Márquez’s idea that: “things have a life of their own, and one only needs to make their soul resurrect”. Waste, which would otherwise be abandoned in ever growing rubbish tips, undergoes a double re-evaluation: First, it becomes worthy of being used again and therefore it gains a new life and experiences new ways of being employed. Second, it upgrades into an artistic object and becomes part of a creative product. Rubbish becomes a completely integrated part of this product, a tool and means  thorough which the artist’s emotions are expressed, and it gains a value that is equal to that of other noble elements such as colour and drawings. 
Artists, who got together to support EMERGENCY by taking part to the Zago and your friends’ charity Art Exhibition, are from different nationalities and hold different chromatic and stylistic preferences. All this paintings are defined as the product of “four hands”. The real innovation and the special feature of this realisation lies in the fact that all of the 100 participating artists put themselves in the hands of only one artist: Gianantonio Marino Zago. They all accepted to make a risky bet: they all created their own piece of art work, but then agreed that another artist would further complete them. They embraced the possibility that their creations could become something different, something that still intrinsically reflects their ideas, but that, at the same time, becomes something completely new; the product of a process of cultural and artistic osmosis. 
The paintings are the result of a mixture of materials and techniques, although all join together by a common expressive search. This search becomes a tactile experience: it is possible to perceive how materials extend beyond the boundaries of the frame to become reality. Materials become an extension of the art work by means of real objects appearing on canvas. These objects, randomly collected from kerbside and urban rubbish bins, are used in a non-random way. Zago selects the materials on the basis of a set of emotional and aesthetic criteria still fully respecting the harmony of the previously completed product. Sometimes he recreates some “trompe-l’oeil” effects, where the paintings recall the materials and the two are almost impossible to distinguish from each other. 
Pop art therefore appears in the form of Coca-Cola® or Fanta® cans, some of the artist’s favorite objects. Moreover you can see cigarette packets, abandoned stuffed puppets, torn shoes, pens, belts, brushes and much more. Zago creates multi-material art work that he occasionally also performs by using oil based pastels, a type of technique used to represent symbolic subjects become a very powerful graphic element. 
In such context, art becomes a means to fight the system and it also becomes a political and social statement promoting human rights, peace and solidarity. In the era of globalisation – far from a cold and mechanical virtual world – art becomes a real tool through which one can express their own ideas. 
Thanks to this International event, these ideas become evidence of emancipation and a vehicle for knowledge that is accessible to everyone. The artwork gains an enforced or even a new meaning. It become a vehicle for a message that is closely related to current issues that fully comply with EMERGENCY’s cause. These issues include; spreading social problems, job loss, human trafficking and the unacceptable drama of war victims. Such topics are dealt with expressive boldness and are occasionally matched with equally sagacious irony, striving to arouse and tease people’s mind so they can finally look beyond the dust of a pre-made reality; they can stop and think to come up with their very own personal view of the world.
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 6Ko]

ROSA SPINILLO.Zago and the Neo-Informal-Materico 
Gianantonio Marino Zago doesnt want to be labelled nor pigeonholed; he is a multifaceted artist and versatile, deeply affected by the art of the 
second half of the XX century to which he belongs to by birth but not for training or education. 
He learnt on the road, gathering with other maudits artists like himself. Among the many there was Mario Schifano. Zago has absorbed 
Schifanos and Rauschenbeurgs styles well and hes been deeply influenced by them, even if unconsciously. 
Its impossible not to think of Warhol or Manzoni; a shade of our dear old 1900s is in the imagination of this artist who didnt study History of Art 
but he quotes it through his sensations and emotions. Hes completely subjugated to a passion for strong colours, a full red or a vivid blue which 
he makes, sliding on the canvas like the Jackson Pollock “dripping”. And then, we shouldnt forget about Burri with his bags and his combustions, nor Fontana with his neat lines; Zago is all this, and even more. He is ceaselessly in the process of researching even when he goes 
around collecting waste, such as coke tins, syringes, condoms, smashed rackets, old shoes, lighters, cigarette butts, food remnants; I figure 
Zago in my head Daniel Spoerri in action, his infinite ideas which will inexorably turn rubbish into true Art; always with a whip of irony. What 
makes an artist a real artist is irony, not taking oneself too seriously, the challenge, an open mind and high intellingence make the rest. And 
then the magic is done: a master piece is born as from a manufacturer demiurge God, a sort of protective numen living in every artist. 
Art is the expression of ones real inner self, its the language reflecting the spirit of the artists time, its to communicate a message and to abandon 
provincialism. This is the only way to create the greatest Art, otherwise it is only an amateur work. 
Zago has dedicated his life to Art; in his loneliness he has infinite ideas, fascinations, sensations. His beginnings are figurative; in the Nineties 
he exhibits in New York a collection of twenty landscapes picturing Verona, his beloved city. At the end of the Nineties he abandons 
Figurativism for Neo Divisionism melting into Abstraction. His “mosaic” works are the most famous of this period. But today, his attention is 
directed to Informal Art, with very powerful material, dripping colour which dominates the surface, cohexisting with still objects worn out by 
time, assemblage and ready-made post-duchampian; it s almost a rendition of the Dada fairy tale omnipresent in our history. Art as provocation 
Provoking has become a dominating element in any kind of language, very welcome if it serves the purpose of stirring consciences, but 
useless if it doesnt communicate anything. And the “Monnezza”, as Zago calls it, doesnt lay only on the corners of the streets but also in our 
conscience minds, passively observing our fates with no will for intervening and change them. Zago is not only an artist, he is a dreamer who 
believes in a better world, a special person with no hypocrisy, loyal and real as a very few are. Not to forget the Zago photographer, digital artist; 
unquestionably remarkable. But to be honest, I prefer the latest Zago, the neo-Informal artist he is, with his creations of “Mondezza”; there 
he reaches the full potential of his creativity. I would suggest to him to keep on following this path researching new materials because Art is 
continuous research, research, research. 
You are a researcher born and bred; I am sure you understood me, with my best wishes! 
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 5Ko]

Zago and your friends(London 2011/2013)  “In March 2010, Gianluca Cantalupi (Treasurer of EMERGENCY UK) and I decided to embark on this artistic adventure. We wanted to put up a group exhibition with the contribution of high level artists, but at the same time we wanted it to be different from other group exhibitions. We wanted to come up with something that would be original and never seen before. I then remembered that a few years earlier I was about to organise a “four hands” exhibition with some of my friends, painters too. I proposed this idea to Gianluca. My intention was to work on 100 paintings conceived by 100 different artists all featured with different styles. The novelty lied in the high volume (100) of artists involved. This would have added great value to the exhibition.  Moreover the artworks would - as a consequence - gain increasing historical value and collectors would feel more inclined to buy them. This would allow EMERGENCY to raise funds for the Bangui Paediatric Centre. Now, after working on this for several months, you can see how the project has developed in tangible reality!
While working, I went through a number of artistic crises and I also encountered a number of problems collecting recycled material use as part of my art. In fact, all of the things and artefacts that you see in those 100 pieces of art have been strictly collected from the streets by the public garbage bins in Verona (Italy).
I do not intent to get into a specific artistic description of each painting because Valentina Basile has already done a great job with her article. I just want to thank those who are going to purchase the paintings. Not only these paintings represent a great investment for the future, but they also help disadvantaged people in need our support. 
I would like to thank all of the artists who took part in this exhibition for their effort and for donating their paintings. In particular, I would like to thank all of EMERGENCY UK’s volunteers for organising and managing the exhibitions scheduled for the coming months. 
Last but not least, I would like to thank my brother Bruno who has always helped me by giving me glue, cans, and all the material that I needed to complete my work. He never asked for anything but my commitment in completing this “artistic marathon” as soon as possible.
Gianantonio Marino Zago
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 4Ko]

  - "Il liberismo" di Romi Osti Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Pubblicato da Gianantonio Marino Zago il 24 febbraio 2007 sul sito Equilibriarte "Il liberismo" di Romi Osti Come primo argomento del Zago News voglio far conoscere questo movimento artistico, sortito dalla mente vulcanica di Romi Osti, eclettico personaggio dei nostri tempi e artista emergente.Sono in linea con molti aspetti di questo manifesto,an...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 5Ko - 2018]

  - FOTOGRAFIA ARTISTICA Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Cosa significa per me fotografia artistica. Oggi si usa classificare la fotografia solo quella cosa che fuoriesce solamente da una macchina fotografica o da altri dispositivi simili come videocamere o altro.La fotografia ora si avvale del digitale mentre l' elaborazione fotografica e' il risultato per cosi dire contaminato da strumenti derivanti da...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko - 2018]

  - Nella mia lunga fase artistica uno spazio rilevante spetta all"ARTE DIGITALE".Ho trascorso migliaia di ore al computer fin dal lontano 1999.Gli inizi di questa nuova per me esperienza artistica non furono molto lusinghieri.In quel periodo iniziale i programmi di elaborazioni digitali a mia disposizione non mi permettevano di esprimere tutto quello ...
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko - 2018]

  - Quarta raccolta in video di digitali della serie Astrall. Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Un accenno di una lontana critica su questi lavori da parte di Riccardo Saldarelli,un'artista ,docente d'arte e pioniere nella sperimentazione di arte digitale. Tratto dalla sua lunga e prestigiosa biografia. "Alla fine degli anni settanta Riccardo Saldarelli, inizia le sue prime sperimentazioni di “ computer art ” utilizzando le modestissime poten...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko - 2018]

  - 3za raccolta video di digitali di Zago. Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Passiamo al terzo video con una carrellata di digitali della serie da me definita ASTRALI o ASTRALL.Un genere che li rende molto riconoscibili tra loro per un tratto ed una composizione inconfondibile nelle forme e colori vivaci.Un po' diciamo il marchio dell'artista come avviene spesso nella pittura tradizionale. Zago commenta Zago Se mi permettet...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko - 2018]

  - 2da raccolta video di digitali Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Digitali per lo più della serie astrall derivati come concezione dall'esperienza pittorica del mio periodo definito mosaico degli anni 90. Zago commenta Zago Se mi permettete,voglio sprecare qualche rigo per descrivere il mio lavoro digitale.Faccio questo perche' ho visto che parecchi si soffermano a vedere i miei lavori e vorrei quindi dar loro an...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko - 2018]

  - Concorsi d'arte?No grazie. Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Articolo del 31 ottobre del 2012 Un paio di anni fa fui invitato ad un concorso chiamato"premio laguna" che si doveva svolgere nelle vicinanze di Venezia. Era leggendo il bando,un concorso molto importante per la presenza di prestigiosi sponsor come la regione veneto e rai 3 veneto e tanti altri e con ricchi premi in denaro ed esposizioni gratuite ...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko - 2018]

  - L'ARTE INNOVATIVA Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
GIANANTONIO MARINO ZAGO 8 giugno 2007 GIANANTONIO MARINO ZAGO 8 giugno 2007 Si sa ,ad oggi e' difficile scoprire artisti che propongono qualcosa di veramente innovativo e mai visto prima.Ci sono quelli che appendono fantocci di bambini sugli alberi con la compiacenza folle di qualche assessore all'arte.C'e' gente che stampa migliaia di coccodrilli ...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 2Ko - 2018]

  - Mosaico cubista 1994/2000 Un giorno feci cadere per terra un nudino ad olio che avevo terminato di dipingere.L'opera appena fatta cascò (naturalmente)con la parte pittorica rivolta al pavimento.Scaricai il mio malumore cercando con un pennello di riempire le parti rovinate del quadro. Io però andai oltre al semplice ritocco,cominciai a dividere la ...
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko - 2018]

  - La speranza è l'ultima a morire,l'artista muore prima.(G.M.Zago) Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Non basta essere creativi e perseveranti ,ci vogliono persone che credono nel tuo lavoro ,con tanti soldi e un po' di tempo da dedicare a te artista che vivi in un mondo di nuvole di polistirolo. Spero sempre in un mecenate con grosse palle che creda in me e che investa un pò del suo tempo e denari nel promuovermi e farmi conoscere anche dove non s...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 2Ko - 2018]

  - Oil pastels of Gianantonio Marino Zago Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Oil pastels works (Una serie mista di lavori con pastelli ad olio del maestro G.M.Zago) The site of oil pastels of Gianantonio Marino Zago I lavori con i pastelli ad olio sono iniziati intorno agli anni 90.Zago ha cominciato ad approcciarsi a questa tecnica dopo aver appurato che alcuni colori ad olio in pasta e l'uso d...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 2Ko - 2018]

  - Personale "Zago e la rinascita della materia"06/27ettembre 2008 presso Art Gallery-Miramare di Rimini(Italy) Sabato 6 settembre alle ore 18, presso l'Art Studio Gallery di Miramare di Rimini, è stata aperta al pubblico la mostra personale " Zago il Riciclante - la Rinascita della materia". In mostra le colorate composizioni di Gianantonio Marino Za...
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 4Ko - 2018]

  - ZAGO E LA SUA ARTE DIGITALE. Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Un breve accenno e riflessioni dell'artista su quasi 20 anni di lavori e sperimentazioni di arte digitale. Ho cominciato a sperimentare un accenno di arte digitale sul PC nell'ormai lontano 1999.L'utilizzo di scanner e stampanti ,con conseguenti kilometrici consumi di carta, per poi gradualmente far uso di programmi specifici e conseguente creazion...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 3Ko - 2018]

  - "A VOLTE BISOGNA ANCHE GUARDARSI ALLE SPALLE" Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Il critico d'arte inglese Daniel Barnes alla mostra "Zago and your friends" a Enfield London ,novembre 2011 Si parla di un'evento STORICO,quasi irripetibile nell'arte.Un artista "Zago" che esegue 100 dipinti a quattro mani con 100 suoi colleghi internazionali.Due anni di lavoro incessante per Zago.Difficolta' di inserire il suo contenuto artistico ...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 2Ko - 2018]

  - Verona 2010-Lincontro con l'artista Francesca Balacco una dei 100 friends di Zago Pagina di Giananto...
QUELLO CHE HA SCRITTO FRANCESCA: : Incontro Gianantonio Marino in arte Zago una sera d’estate di un anno fa, non sapendo bene chi mi sarei trovata davanti. Avevo aperto una strana mail che diceva:-“ti va di fare un quadro a quattro mani con me? è per una mostra di beneficienza, pensaci bene perché non te lo chiederò un’altra volta mi piacciono le c...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 6Ko - 2018]

  - "Zago and your friends 1& mezzo"Roma 03/03/2017 Gallery TAG Pagina di Gianantonio Marino Zago
Verona 14/03/2017 Cari FRIENDS, si e' conclusa da pochi giorni la mostra Zago and your Friends 1& mezzo tenutasi presso la Tevere Art Gallery, prestigiosa galleria di Roma. Questa seconda splendida esperienza è avvenuta esattamente 6 anni dopo il primo Z&YF svoltosi a Londra nel 2011, molti dei Friends che aderirono all'edizione lond Verona 14/03/2...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 7Ko - 2018]

  - TESTO CRITICO DI MARCELLO TOSI(accenni all'arte del riciclo del maestro e considerazioni prevalenti sulle altre sue discipline artistiche,quali la fotografia artistica e l'arte digitale.):Artista che crea dal nulla, si autodefinisce Gianantonio Marino Zago, che trasforma una forma in un'altra forma &hellip .”Ho trasformato il mouse nel pennello dis...
[Biography - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 7Ko - 2018]

  - Personale di pittura di G.M.Zago e Katerina Theofili-"Mnemosine la dea della memoria"presso Centro P...
Recensione della mostra "Mnemosine la dea della memoria" .Personale di Gianantonio Marino Zago e della poetessa,scrittrice e pittrice greca Katerina Theofili. ....essendo io un profano di tutto ciò che riguarda l'universo dell'Arte,per presentare l'ultima personale di mio fratello Gianantonio Marino in arte Zago che si terrà nella nostra città in q...
[Page - Gianantonio Marino Zago - 7Ko - 2018]

Gianantonio Marino Zago's Pages
 VERONA ,photo by G.M.Zago.   Verona,the city of the love.
 From ZAGO and YOUR Friends 4 dicembre 2011 ·   Londra, 3 dicembre 2011 ZAGO AND YOUR FRIENDS – ESPOSIZIONE LAVORI - UPDATE
 My digital works.   Attempt to recover as many as possible my digital works.
 Some Works year 2017   Polimateryal and collage on my works
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