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All Art On Line - Art gallery - Fine art from Eva S Cosmoexpressionizm : ,,Cicino
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",,Cicino"" - Eva S Cosmoexpressionizm
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Biography of Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili
internacional artist
Eva Elizarova Kuduxashvili has her direction in painting. It is kosmoekspressionizm
Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili - a member of several art associations, including:1994-INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ARTISTSCERTIFICATE # 3185. 
1995-Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

1995-Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

1987- Youth Union of Artists of Georgia.

2001- Artists' Union of Georgia.

2004 - Professional Union of Artists of Russia
.Certificate # 404001.
Rating Category 2-B.
1958 -, Eva went to the Georgian language schools,
his native village of Tsitelubani
1962 - he went to high school nearby village Shavshvebi,
she graduated with honors in 1968.

1969 - he entered the preparatory courses at the Academy of Fine Arts of Georgia.
In 1979 - after several unsuccessful attempts to enter the Academy (on the basis of entrance examinations, which she handed over several years, she has always lacked one or two points), Eva turned to complain to the ministry of culture. At a meeting with the Minister, she stated that she become a student of the Academy does not interfere with the lack of points, but the lack of money or, in other words, its refusal to pay a bribe examiners.
The response to her complaint was the order of the Ministry of enrollment in its
fourth year.
1979 enrolled in the fourth year of the Art Department at the School of painting. Nikoladze.
1981 - a diploma under the guidance of Rusiko Kiknadze School, Nikoladze in Tbilisi.
1981 entered the Georgian State Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi at the Department of Cinema.
workshop Takaishvili.
1984- from the Department of Cinema has moved to the Faculty of Painting.
Edmond Kalandadze in the studio.
1987 - a diploma under the guidance of an outstanding artist Edmond Kalandadze;
1985-1989 - collaboration with different government art salons.
participates in various exhibitions in Tbilisi.
1989-1990 Georgian-Austrian agreement by "ART-DARBA" (based Nico Kekelidze);
1990 - collaboration with Art by " PIROSMANI". Tbilisi.
1991 - goes to live in Moscow
. collaborates in different galleries.
1991-1993 near Soviet artists selling their paintings on the Old Arbat.Moskow.
1991-1992 collaboration with art galleries " OLGA ART" Moscow.
1992-1993 Cooperation with the gallery " LEV. A. BRUK ART GALLERY" Moscow;
1993 - Joint exhibition in " ART GALLERY VILGA" Sofia Bulgaria;
1993 - collaboration with " ART GALLERY EVA" Berlin Germany;
1994- first solo exhibition at Gallery Ossetian " IR-ART". Other central house of artists. Moscow.
1995-1996 - Agreement with " JACKSONS AUCTIONEERS & APPRAISERS OF ANTIQUES & FINE ART" in the U.S.
1995 - personal exhibition - «BRIGHTER SHADES OF RED» «LOVE AND LIFE BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN» - United States.
1995 solo exhibition " KAVANAUGH ART GALLERY", des Moines, Iowa, USA.
1995 solo exhibition. " HENRY W. & MARTLI GIFTS GALLERY", Cedar Falls, Iowa.US.
1995 - solo exhibition. " UMEROV GALLERY", Minneapolis, Minnesota. U.S.
1995 -a " ECOSREDA GALLERY" participates in the exhibition << MASTERS OF WORLD ARTS >>Sofia Bulgaria.
1995- involved " ISTANBUL ART FAIR". Turkey.
1995 - Eva's paintings and biography included in the catalog " ISTANBUL ART FAIR ", published in Istanbul, Turkey;
1997 - paintings and a biography of Eva are included in the catalog of the Russian "Names in Art", Moscow.
1997 - Solo exhibition in gallery Ossetian " IR-ART" other central house of artists. Moscow.
1997 - three solo exhibition titled "COUNTRY - DREAMS" held at the Central House of Artists, Moscow;
1997 - published in the catalog of pictures of Eva
1997 - participated took place in Moscow International Festival of the Arts " HUMAN BEING-97"; one canvas is included in kataloge.Moskow.
1998 -participated in the exhibition " EUROART '98". Barcelona. Spain.
1998 - one canvas and a biography of Eva included in the published catalog the works of modern artists of the world; " EVROART" 98. Barselona.SpaIn.
1998- Solo exhibition «EVA'S DREAM'S» Central House of Artists, Moscow;
1999- participate at the exhibition, film festival " HONFLEUR 6 FESTIVAL CANNE" France.
1999 - participate in the exhibition "ARTISTS AND ART MANAGER". Other central house of artists. Moscow;
1999-Programm - Galerie Natalia Offermanns
1999 - solo exhibition in the gallery "BAUHAUS GALLERY" Maynhayme. Germany;

2000- in the book "Who's Who" modern Georgian art. Including biographies of Eve.
2000 - Solo exhibition "WANDERUNG 1" Gallery " ART GALLERY N.PANTCHENKO" Maynhaym. Germany.
2001 - Personal exhibition in the exhibition hall in Moscow "PIROSMANI" restaurant (owned by Tornike Kopaleishvili)
2002 – participated in a springtime exhibition at the" Knights Club" in Moscow;
2004 - directed by Alexander Mitta takes three canvas Eve in his Film "SWAN'S PARADISE".Russia.
2005 - returned to his homeland - in Georgia;
2005 - Eva's paintings at the exhibition, the conference was held in Batumi, with President Mikheil Saakashvili, the Georgian-Ossetian relations, Georgia.
2005 - Solo exhibition "Big Star" in the salon of artists at the prospect Rustaveli.Tbilisi.
2006 - Participate exhibition "WORLD FINE ART" New York U.S.
2006-2007 - Collaborating with "LEO ART GALLERY". U.S.
2006 - Solo exhibition "Caucasus House" in Tbilisi;
2006 - Participate exhibition at the National University in Tbilisi;
2006-2007 - Collaborating with the gallery " LEO ART GALLERY"; U.S.
2007 - Solo exhibition at the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia.
2007 - Solo exhibition in Georgian Embassy in London. England.
2007 - Participate in the exhibition, organized by the "Horizon", Tbilisi.
2007-2011 - Agreement with "LEO ART" gallery.U.S.
2005-2011 - Published a series of television programs on art of Eve;
2009 - One of her canvas participates in the "Auction Leonid Shishkin Gallery:|" and is included in the catalog, "Russian Classics XX Century";
2010 - illustrated book Naira Bepieva "Ossetian folklore". Tbilisi.
2010 – illustrated a book ‘Ossetian proverbs’ by Nino Popiashvili;
2011 - solo exhibition in his native village Tsitelubani
2016-IN3 - Exhibition in New York City - Jimmy Clark - Fine Art Blog
2011-2015-collaborates with art,, Climbing "

Eva Kudukhashvili
2016- member Associates | Jewish Art Salon

2016-Participate in projeqt,, TIESS THE INNER EYE STUDIO SANTINIKETAN "
The Netherlands I France I India 
2016-solo exhibited in the <<THE NEW YORK ART CONNECTION >> USA
2017- has opened its art gallery ,,Eva"s Cosmo Expressia",Georgia,Tbilisi
2017-personal exhibited in the ,,SFUMATO GALLERY" Tbilisi,Georgia

2017- Eva is a member of  International Business Advisory Council (IBAC)

[Biography - Eva S Cosmoexpressionizm - 8Ko]

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