All Art On Line - Contemporary Art gallery - Artwork of Delorme Patrick : wisdom up and Covert

All Art On Line - Contemporary Art gallery - Artwork of Delorme Patrick : wisdom up and  Covert
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"wisdom up and Covert" - Delorme Patrick
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Patrick Delorme was born in Marseille in the south from France in 1955.


His paintings are visionary because they refer to the spirituel & esoteric spheres in which he has been  absorbed for the last  20 years (new age trend) which is growing at this end of the century. He is witness & spokesman. In his paintings you will find biblical & ancient references which show the immortality of  the soul, visions of the next world , visions of the past, present & future.


           His work refers to the unknowing & even to worldly awareness he paints while  being in “ALPHA”.


This technique enables one to communicate with a  certain unconscious part of the brain. He intercepts  vibratory & spiritual messages which are thereafter seen in his works. His inspiration also comes from the original & unconscious community.






october 15 to october 25 2004 exhibition in a  festival international Bangalore India

[Announcement - Delorme Patrick - 4Ko - 2004]

Hi Patrick J

I’m sorry. I did not se this email until after I answered your last one!

“soul seer” = intuitive, clairvoyant healer. Which you display in your artwork, instead of verbally, J

Your true calling IS that of a soul artist and a healer, through that venue. Basically, what you are painting are the equal of soul portraits, according to your angels. Your paintings can see past lives, symbols and images that transform your viewers. They helps them to connect to their own higher power, and heal from various things. You are constantly visited by angels when you perform your work and in your dreams. Your art work is what I call "truths" from spirit”. Each and every one of them.  And I’ve read them all J Have you ever considered developing an expressive art program for troubled children or adults?


An extensive part of your work appears to be as accurate as if God painted them himself and I MEAN that, not just from opinion. You are not just called to paint but to HEAL. You are also an open channel. You ARE painting soul portraits. You can paint the energy of any soul that is around you at the time. Or.. you can fine tune that and do it for individuals as well. You can read auras, too. Just let it flow. Healing -Color therapy, Soul Therapy and Angel messages is where your true nature lies.





You provide Artwork that doesn’t promote propaganda and indoctrination, rather enlightenment, education, and healing. Your angels are speaking THROUGH you with your artwork. You can tune those angel message into readings as well as art work.


 I would be glad to read for you further regarding your angels if you are at all interested in that, just let me know. 

YOU are sending messages that are not ignorant and locked into social consciousness. You're a seer and a doer, not a follower. You might be afraid of Using your own light. That is typical, I was too for years.




That is actually learning how to have faith in yourself, rather than what you have been taught to know. It's new thought.


 Finding your true life's path is so important. I have noticed there are a great number of people who spend their whole lives doing something during the week so that they can somehow find something enjoyable to do on the weekends. They look upon their jobs as a form of drudgery, a penance they have to pay in order to enjoy the rest of their lives. People who are not successful and happy in their work are those who have not taken the time to sit down and deal honestly and openly with themselves. They have not looked deep within themselves to find the inner treasures of talent and ability that they have demonstrated throughout their lives.




They are content to do work that other people design and to achieve goals that other people have set. Your aim in life should be to become everything you are capable of becoming, to enjoy full self- expression of your talents and abilities. Your job is to develop yourself to the point where every day is a source of joy and satisfaction, and you have so many interesting things to do that you do not have enough time to do them. Your job is to continually hold up a mirror to yourself and refuse to work at anything that is not an expression of everything that is good and capable within you. Success comes from being excellent at what you do.



But excellence is a journey, not a destination. You never really get there. You can never relax. Life is always changing and what constitutes excellence today will be different tomorrow and very different next year and the year after. We need to fully embrace this fact.


All really successful and happy people know in their hearts that they are very good at what they do. If you are doing what you really love and enjoy, if you are following your true calling, you will know because of your attitude toward excellence. When you have found your true calling, nothing but the best will do for you, and you will go any distance, pay any price, overcome any obstacle to develop yourself to the point where you are really good at what you do. And it looks like you’ve already done that J

Let me know if you would like for me to teach you how to communicate with your own angels to receive these messages yourself. I would be happy to explain that to you as well. I have many appointments right now, so I must go until later. Have a great day! And I hope to hear from you again soon.


 Bright Blessings,


Lilly Calandrello

[Biography - Delorme Patrick - 9Ko]



My paintings are visionary because they refer to the spirituel & esoteric spheres in which I have been absorbed for the last 20 years (new age trend) which is growing at this end of the century. I am witness & spokesman. In my paintings you will find biblical & ancient references which show the immortality of the soul, visions of the next world , visions of the past, present & future.

My work refers to the unknowing & even to worldly awareness I paint whilst being in "ALPHA".

This technique enables one to communicate with a certain unconscious part of the brain. I intercept vibratory & spiritual messages which are thereafter seen in my works. My inspiration also comes from the original & unconscious community.




What is inspiration?


The creative idea ends up by dominating those it touches. It is a revelation, sometimes striking, of the unknown & can appear without voluntary contribution during a dream but also at the end of an intense effort. But this is always the result of motivation which is profoundly anchored in our roots.

Subconscious or overconscious influence is sometimes supreme & imperative but constitutes inspiration. Under this influence the artist produces his work, sometimes a masterpiece, with a simple gest without thinking & without reason, & often on the spur of the moment & without effort.

In other numerous cases there is a sort of collaboration between conscious & unconscious. The work begins due to a whim of spontaneous inspiration & at times completely unintentional. This collaboration sometimes finishes with results totally different from the results originally sought.

As far as I am concerned, I don't think about the idea of creation. I start to apply the colours without knowing where I'm going, in an act where I am unaware, in a state of mind guided by mere vibration of colours, shapes & forms. Harmony takes control of me. I let myself be guided by what I see on the canvas.

The theme, the subject, take over & shows me the way out of nothingness. Slowly but surely I distinguish vague shapes & forms emerging progressively. There is then a "back & forth" process between the rough outline or sketch, & what my conscience perceives, & the assertion of the vision that I behold on the canvas.





I have often asked myself , inspired or medium? Several mediums have told me that I am guided by spirits from above & beyond. One thing is sure & that is, I do not paint automatically, because my hands are not guided by a force that I cannot control.

However, as soon as I put myself in the right state of mind for painting, I then pass into the ALPHA phase. I already tried the experience where I was connected to a computer by electrodes which trace the ALPHA waves. This does not happen if I want to paint consciously.

It would appear that the sole idea of wanting to create would close the creation within a system that we already know. Whereas, if we are not looking for anything in particular, we would be submerged by shapes that we could not possibly have imagined, having no reference to this creation.

The simple idea of wanting to innovate would risk the appearance of creative realities already known, which we could more or less stick together. We could try to make new with old but would have absolutely no creative originality.

Because of this, contemporary art is more and more arid, due to the fact that it does not allow itself any liberty. It wants to be a continuity of its forebearers and master its creation. This makes it an intellectual and analytical art which wants to innovate at all costs. We make the left side of the brain work too hard

to To analyse and we forget the right side which is the brain of creators.

It is difficult for me to affirm if my work is inspired by spiritual guidance because nothing has been proved in this domain. However, I can account for numerous witnesses encountered over the last few years.

Testimonies from several mediums who leave their bodies and travel in the stars of the spirit world and who told me that what I paint is what they saw during their spiritual voyages.

They told me I was a mediator and that I painted the past, the present & the future.

They also said that my paintings were there to give visual & vibratory images of new times "Aire of Aquarius". These same mediums said that I had the knack of picking-up & reproducing their development of thought in my paintings.

Others say that my paintings had vibrations on a level with healing.

Generally speaking most people are touched in one way or another with my paintings. They leave no one indifferent, and either people agree, and see light & love, or on the contrary, feel aggressed and angry. This is why I paint. To show my work as a spiritual revolution and show the way to achieving more love and respect on earth. Proof of life after life in our materialistic world lacking spirituality. And hopefully through you I will meet people in agreement with this testimony and in harmony with my paintings & to help me distribute them.

  give me a message :

  • 1980-1981:Drawing class at Luminy
    1981-1990:No exhibition but drawing, paintings and modelling
    1990:First Art Festival of Singular Art at Roquevaire
  • 1990:Exhibition within Corderie`s 'Tout Art MJC
  • 1992:Second Art Festival of Singular Art at Roquevaire
    1992:Exhibition Singular Art Mouvment at St Sulpice Chapel at Istres
    1992:Group Exhibition Institute Leschis
    1993:Solo exhibition in Monseigneur Fabre`s Chapel
    1993:Solo exhibition at Souris Gourmande at Marseille
    1993:Solo exhibition in Sausset`s village hall
    1993:Group Exhibition Institute Leschis
    1993:Solo exhibition at New Port Gallery at Deauville
    1994:Solo exhibition at Souris Gourmande at Marseille
    1994:Art Gallery Jean Pierre Sylvestre at Marseille
    1994:Art Gallery Le Carre des Artistes at Sanary
    1994:Reillane Museum
    1994:Art Gallery Sesane at Le Lavandou
    1994:Art Gallery Herouet, Paris
    1994:Andrea`s Gallery: San Feliu de Guixols city hall, Costa Brava, Spain
    1994:Third Art Festival of Singular Art at Roquevaire
    1994:Solo exhibition at Marseille, 4th and 5th district`s city hall
    1994:Solo exhibition at Les 100 Ciels Art Gallery, Paris
    1994:Solo exhibition Le residentiel at Aix en Provence
    1994:Group exhibition at Andrea`s Gallery
    1995:Solo exhibition in Monseigneur Fabre`s Chapel
  • 1995:Solo exhibition L`etoile du Mage at Marseille
    1995:Comte Art Gallery at Nice
    1996:Solo exhibition Espace Breteuil Art Gallery at Marseille
  • 1996:Solo exhibition Espace 3 Art Gallery at La Ciotat
  • 1996 exhibition art gallery jouvène at Marseille
  • 1997---solo exhibition art Gallery Moscato at Aix-en -Provence
  • 1997 solo exhibition Art Gallery Pietra Del Paragone at Fontainebleau.
  • 1997 Arts Masters Cagnes sur Mer
  • 1997 Garden Gallery at Nice
  • 1997 Agora Gallery Soho at New York
  • 1997: galerie Moscato Aix en provence
  • 1997: galerie piétra del paragone Fontainebleau
  • 1997: galerie l'arbre à Pain Sisteron
  • 1998: galerie Christie Couder Paris
  • 1998: Chocolat théâtre Marseille
  • 1999: galerie l'arbre à pain sisteron
  • 1999: galerie Andréas
  • 1999: galerie Innuendo
  • 2000:100 sacred vision festival international Autriche
  • 2000:festival international art singulier Aubagne
  • 2001: Visionary Art international at The Orange Regional Art Gallery Australie
  • 2001 :exposition perso Galerie la Ciotat
  • 2002 :exposition art visionaire aubagne
  • 2003 :Visionary Art international at The Orange Regional Art Gallery Australie
  • 2003 :brave destiny New york williambur art gallery


[Biography - Delorme Patrick - 13Ko]

  - Mi nombre es Patrick Delorme , he nacido a Marsella, sur de Francia, en 1955. Durante mi ni ñ ez era un niño muy sensible y soñador, muy creativo también, la escuela no me interesaba para nada, preferi r á dibujar mientras soñaba. Desde mi adolescen ...
[Biography - Delorme Patrick - 15Ko - 2009]

  - Patrick Delorme astrologue guerisseur et peintre visionnaire vous initie a l'art sensitif a roquevaire dans le sud de la france , cours et stage de peinture sensitive, il peut effectuer pour vous des portrait d'ames.
[Announcement - Delorme Patrick - 1Ko - 2009]

  - Bonjour Patrick   Je suis désolé. Je n’ai   pas vu cet email avant d’avoir répondu à votre dernier ! ' soul seer ' = guérisseur intuitif et clairvoyant. Ce que vous montrez dans votre peinture a la place du verbe,   Votre   vrai   désignation EST cel...
[Biography - Delorme Patrick - 10Ko - 2008]

  - ; Patrick Delorme Artiste visionnaire ; Patrick DELORME ; Ein Künstler voll er geist-und geister! ; Urn ihre Wer ke zu verwirklichen missten die Künstler von früher niemals die musen zu ersuchen. Aber die Unglaubwürdigkeit hat alle Künste ergriffen, ...
[Biography - Delorme Patrick - 6Ko - 2004]

  - artiste patrick Delorme
PATRICK DELORME par Robert Pujade ; ; Douches de lumière, tremblements de terre, volutes de couleur ou flambées d’ombres et de décombres, telles sont les fusées plastiques avec lesquelles la peinture de Patrick Delorme compose pour révéler un univers...
[Page - Delorme Patrick - 6Ko - 2004]

  - ; Patrick Delorme, est né à Marseille dans le sud de la France en 1955. ; Sa peinture est visionnaire car elle se réfère au domaine spirituel, et ésotérique dans lequel il baigne depuis plus de vingt ans "courant New Age", ésotérique et spirituel, qu...
[Biography - Delorme Patrick - 11Ko - 2004]

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