All Art On Line - Art gallery - Fine art from Tom Lund-Lack : Through the Blue Window

All Art On Line - Art gallery - Fine art from Tom Lund-Lack : Through the Blue Window
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"Through the Blue Window" - Tom Lund-Lack
Coloured paper. tissue paper and paint - 39 Inches x 28 Inches -  Buy Poster from 25$
A black cat sits in a blue painted window with a view across a bay, all made from cut paper with the help of a little bit of paint.

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I am now exhibiting at Waterside Fine Art, 7 Waterside, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire CV37 6BA,, tel 01789 294326
Or why not go and stay, or visit the Seckford Hall Hotel, Woodbridge, Suffolk where they have my work.  This elegant Tudor hotel, offering rooms in the main house and in a courtyard annexe, is 0.2 miles from the A12 and 1.9 miles from Woodbridge train station.

I now have this so you can purchase my work with confidence!

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 Painting from the heart and soul
To make the work come alive is the challenge.
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 Tom Lund-Lack - Illusions of Movement
To make the work come alive is a challenge I set myself; colour, tone and technique all play their parts in creating the illusions of movement I am seeking to find in much of my painting.
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“Luscious colors, masterful sense of movement, serene atmosphere they are a joy to behold!”  – Louise Hafesh

Some time ago Louise was kind enough to attribute these characteristics to my work. 
I would say that they are infused with powerful expressions of drama and movement which are now my hallmark.  I hope that with every piece the motion of the subject is arrested and held fixed so that in perhaps a hundred years, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again."  Not surprisingly I find Thoroughbred Racing an irresistible subject matter perfectly suited to my style of work.  I am less preoccupied with the details of which horse or which race, but aim instead to capture all of the elements of racing in one impression. By incorporating figurative subjects, broken lines, abstract highlights and loose flowing brushstrokes along with a heavy application of paint the goal can be achieved.  I have also found large and fast yachts attractive, which together against a backdrop of sea and sky create the foundation for what I hope are impressive marine paintings.  To capture the movement of a wave or the light on the clouds is a challenge as it happens in a quick moment when all the elements are in harmony and fleeting. These elusive features are difficult to successfully bring together, yet they are the very elements I believe contribute to an attractive and exciting combination of colours and tones, reflective of many moods. My marine paintings also reflect a personal interest of a family background connected with the sea.

I am a self taught artist who started out in water colour and who has tried most mediums, but through the influence of Hugo Grenville, I turned to oil paint, which I now use almost (but not quite) exclusively.  I work mostly in the studio using imagination as my guide and have worked hard to perfect my skills as an artist over the last thirty or so years.  In addition to my own creativity, I founded ARTactiv a group that offered art workshops bringing the joy of creativity to disabled children and young people across the English county of Suffolk.  I was born in Devon, England, and grew up in Hong Kong lived in New Zealand, and London.  I have now made my home in Suffolk where I live with my wife, Amanda.  I am a father of three and now a grandfather of 4 (soon to be five grandchildren).

My paintings have been seen, exhibited and collected in Galleries, Art Fairs, Marine and Equestrian Shows in the UK and the USA as well as being featured in Equestrian publications throughout England.

My work is represented by Waterside Fine Art, 7 Waterside, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6BA, U.K. Web:, email:



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 Painting from the heart and soul   To make the work come alive is the challenge.
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